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About Us Macrim Corporation

MACRIM is built on an exceptional record of database and platform innovation.

Founded in Cedar Rapids, IA, our founders’ architectural philosophy has given wings to two acquired fintech startups and several platforms in the last 15 years.

MACRIM was birthed to help bridge geographically and technologically diverse systems, building portals which give need-to-know users visibility into where work is in progress. We don't necessarily feel like "replacement" is always the answer when it comes to the weaknesses of core systems which have served businesses for years. Rather than trying to replace or rebuild we want to simply help it talk to other systems, and give users more insight into what it does. We wanted to provide automation, integration and reporting services that will transform the way teams handle the data that flows through their organization. Utilizing their current systems to help save them time and money.

MACRIM works with financial institutions, medical practices, and NGOs in the US and across the globe. We make our technology widely available and affordable for organizations of all sizes.

MACRIM Success Story

A privately held pension administration company conducting business in multiple international locations needed automation and support for several functions including processing of contributions, plan disbursements, application approval workflow, participant statements, and loan approval.

MACRIM's solution streamlined these business-critical functions, increased workflow efficiency, and saved the company time and money.

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